Stand out from the crowd: 4 tips for making your architectural renderings unique

2019 is a fascinating time at the intersection of architecture and CGI. While many architecture companies stick to the level of imagery that was available years ago, many have adopted the high standards offered today by the rapidly advancing 3D technology. Especially in the countries leading this adoption, like the Nordics or Germany, photorealism and good composition hardly blow brains anymore.

Moreover, the vast majority of projects are illustrated using the same kinds of scenes: strong summer sun, some birds in the sky, lots of kids playing – you know the deal.

The ever-lasting need  to stand out in the more advanced and demanding part of the market calls for new approaches to presenting projects. We have gathered a few ideas that can help you suggest a more creative approach to your 3D artists (they will love it!).

  1. Details

You can be fairly certain that most target viewers of your visualizations will spend more than a few seconds studying them (especially if the images are good). Polished details and nuances build the atmosphere and make a project memorable.


  1. Storytelling

Each architectural story can be told in different ways, and no two stories are ever the same. Every narrative consists of events that are tied together into a story plot.  In terms of architecture, these events are the architectural elements, such as the intended use of a building, its shape or its concept.

However, more literal stories can be told in images. They don’t always need to relate directly to the building. Even if they don’t, people will remember both the image and the project much better. We are a storytelling species. The more capable a 3D artist is of telling their story in a compelling way, the more successful their images will be in the eyes of the audience.


  1. Non-standard weather and/or time of day

Different weather conditions play a large role in setting the mood of the image. A cool thing about 3D rendering is that you can present an exterior in every season, at any time of day, under all weather patterns there are. Perhaps your next project is the right time to experiment with the mood of your visualizations. There are a lot of things that can be done in terms of weather to make your project stand out and attract attention. Those usually involve going beyond the standard summer sun.


  1. Futuristic elements

If your project has a long time horizon to completion an interesting option might be to try and imagine what the world will be like when its final phases are finished.


  1. Bonus: Vintage cars!


This is by no means a definitive list but more of an inspiration for thinking creatively about visualizations of architecture.
We encourage you to brainstorm with your design team or rendering artists.