Architecture animations

Use cases >>

  • Showcase animated teasers of your projects in all your social media and digital marketing channels
  • Use animations and videos in addition to or as a replacement for standard, still visual collateral in the proposals for your most high-end projects
  • Feature video content prominently on your company’s website to bring attention to your recent prestigious work

How it can benefit you >>

  • Surprise and delight your clients and help them view a particular section of their physical structure more clearly from different angles
  • Stand out in a crowded market where most big firms already employ high quality still renderings
  • Convey your dedication and the prestige of your project by going above and beyond the standard ways of showcasing architecture

How to get started

  • Architectural animations can be created as an addition to still renderings or as a separate project – at the end of the day, a 3D environment needs to be created for both
  • The time to produce an architectural animation of around 60-90 seconds is 4-6 weeks. The time to deliver depends to a large extent on the animation style – e.g., a cinemagraph or a basic whiteboard animation will be significantly faster to create than elaborate motion graphic
  • The standard timeline of about 4-6 weeks consists of 5 key stages: briefing and aligning on the vision, creating a script and storyboards, creating CG environment, animating the scene and adding sound design.