Architecture VR/360

Use cases >>

  • At Real Estate fairs as a complement to your traditional marketing materials
  • Embedded 360 images in a modern marketing website dedicated to your project
  • As a separate VR sales channel via platforms like Matterport Core VR

How it can benefit you >>

  • Position yourself as an innovative firm employing the latest technologies in everything you do
  • Enable better understanding of your design thanks to full immersion in a CGI environment
  • Stand out from the crowd and help your prospective buyers vividly remember your offering

How to get started

  • Simple yet effective VR projects using several 360 cameras and a basic interface are based on the same digital environment used to create standard renderings, therefore the process of creating them is similar to the standard visualization process
  • The time to deliver is typically about 1 week more than a normal rendering project so the total timeline for a finished product is between 3-5 weeks
  • Although it may seem like a more advanced type of work than creating renderings, VR does not need to be expensive. Simple VR 360 walkthroughs are in the same price range as a set of still images